2019-2020 Student Handbook 
    Sep 17, 2021  
2019-2020 Student Handbook [Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]


Attendance and class participation are extremely important components in course and program success. Research studies do show that students who attend class regularly perform better on exams and earn high grades in classes. NPC has adopted a rigorous attendance policy. Per policy, students are expected to attend 85% of the course or risk being administratively withdrawn. You are encouraged to arrange doctor, dentist, legal, and other appointments during your free time; not during class time. If you must be absent from class, it is your responsibility to contact your instructor and to make up missed course assignments.

Class Attendance Policy
  1. Regular attendance is a critical element in student success. Therefore, students are expected to attend all regularly scheduled class sessions and to complete all assigned class work. Instructors will provide written attendance policies that outline how attendance may affect students’ final grades.
  2. Except for extreme circumstances, students are not permitted to be absent from scheduled tests without prior approval of the instructor. Make-up arrangements with an instructor is the responsibility of the student.
  3. Students are required to attend 85% of all class hours scheduled for a course. A student who does not meet the 85% standard is considered to be excessively absent.
  4. The College reserves the right to withdraw a student for excessive absenteeism. Excessive absenteeism may also result in failing grades, academic probation or suspension and loss of financial aid.
  5. If a student is judged to be excessively absent, the instructor will report this immediately to the Counseling Center for follow-up action.
  6. The Counseling Center will assume the responsibility of getting the student to a counseling session with the instructor as needed. Every effort will be made by faculty and staff to help the student with any academic difficulty.
  7. Throughout this process, it is recognized that the instructor is the judge of the final grade a student receives in any course.


NPC Board Policy Number: 6.600 

Updated 7/18/2017