2020-2021 Student Handbook 
    Jan 24, 2021  
2020-2021 Student Handbook

Repeating a Course

If a student repeats a course for credit, only the last grade will be computed into the cumulative grade point average. The earlier grade(s) will remain on the transcript with a notation indicating exclusion from the grade point average. Hours earned will only be applied once toward graduation requirements.

Students may not repeat for credit any course in which they have earned a grade of “B” or better unless the currency of that course has expired. Once a degree or certificate has been awarded by National Park College, courses applied to those degree requirements cannot be repeated at the College. Courses being repeated must be the exact course. If there have been any changes in course numbers or titles, the student must first obtain the approval of the chairperson of the department offering the course to be assured it is an identical course. Independent study may not be used to repeat a failed course; however, credit by examination (OPAC, CLEP, etc.) awarded after the previous attempt will replace the grade of the previous attempt.

Grades of W, I, and AU will not replace the original grade of a repeated course.

Students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university should be aware that some institutions may average both the original and the subsequent grades for determining transfer eligibility. Students should check with that college or their Academic Advisor prior to enrolling for a course on a repeat basis.

As long as a student is making satisfactory academic progress, repeating a course for the second time will not adversely affect financial aid eligibility. Consult with a Financial Aid advisor before attempting a course beyond the second time.

The Veterans Administration has specific regulations. Please contact the VA Coordinator in the Veterans Services office at 760-4151.

The Division of Health Sciences has a policy that if a student fails/drops/withdraws from a clinical course due to unsafe clinical behavior, he or she may not reapply to repeat that course but may reapply to the program for readmission consideration if they meet readmission criteria. The readmission may require all courses be repeated in the program or may require that the courses within the failed semester be repeated depending on the program.