2021-2022 Student Handbook 
    Dec 07, 2022  
2021-2022 Student Handbook [Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Tuition and Fee Schedule

Tuition and fee rates are set by the National Park College Board of Trustees and are subject to change. Decisions about tuition and fees are typically made in May each year; however, NPC reserves the right to change tuition rates and fees any time such action is deemed necessary. Tuition and fees are capped at 15 credit hours.


2021 Academic Year
Tuition & Fees

Garland County
Per Semester
Credit Hour
$90 $100 $137 $202
Mandatory Fee $45 $50 $54 $54
Maximum Cost Per
Semester (tuition and fees)
$2025 $2250 $2865 $3840


Mandatory Meal Plan Fees*

Full Time Students 3/4 time Students Half time Students Less than Half time Students On-campus Resident
Hours of On Campus Classes 12+ hours 9-11 hours 6-8 hours 1-5 hours  
Mandatory Fee (per term) $350.00 $262.50 $175.00 $100.00 $800, also available $1200 meal plan
Approximate Meal Value 58 meals 44 meals 29 meals 17 meals 133 meals

*Students who are ONLY online will not be charged a meal plan fee.  Students will have the option to purchase additional Meal Plan Benefits.


Lab Fee
This fee of $10 per credit hour is charged each semester to all students who enroll in a class(es) that has/have a lab (see class schedule for a listing of classes that have a lab).  The purpose of the fee is to enable the College to remain current with the latest technology, equipment, and expendable supplies for those particular classes.

One-time fees specific to individual classes or disciplines may be required for some students. Examples may include special labs, material, uniforms or other fees.


Tuition, fees and meal plans fall 2021/spring 2022