2022-2023 Student Handbook 
    Jul 14, 2024  
2022-2023 Student Handbook [Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

General Complaints and Grievances

This procedure applies to all students (including online and out-of-state).

All general complaints about the operations of the College, personnel, or conditions of the campus should be directed to the Dean of Students at 501-760-4229 or by calling toll free 1-844-806-8752. The Dean of Students maintains a log of such complaints or grievances and directs them to the appropriate personnel for attention. Students experiencing sexual harassment may contact the Dean of Students listed above or can find resources on NPC’s Title IX webpage

Issues of grievance regarding grades, course requirements and classroom procedures can occur. The first and best source for resolving the problem is with the instructor. The College expects most issues to be resolved amicably and informally with the instructor. In the event a solution is not possible, the next step is to follow the Academic Appeals Process found in the Student Handbook as required by NPC Board Policy 6.300

If a student must report an unresolved grievance, the student may complete the student grievance form with the Arkansas Division for Higher Education (ADHE). Resolutions by ADHE are final.  

Grievances regarding student grades or conduct violations are governed entirely by institutional policy and Arkansas law, and will not be considered by ADHE. 

Informal Complaints

An informal or verbal complaint from a student will be expeditiously considered and resolved at the lowest level possible by the institutional officer who is responsible for the area against which the complaint is made. Students are encouraged to speak directly with the staff member or dean most concerned with or responsible for the situation that is the cause of the complaint. If this communication does not lead to a resolution, or such a discussion is not deemed appropriate, the student may register a formal complaint.

Formal Complaints

If the informal complaint is not satisfactorily resolved, the student may file a formal, written complaint. Institutional officers ultimately responsible for responding to student complaints are the Dean of Students, Vice President for Student Affairs, Academic Deans, Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the President. Students begin the formal complaint process in the Office of the Dean of Students on the second floor of the Student Commons, Room 210.  After review by the Dean of Students, the written complaint will be forwarded to the appropriate Division Dean for academic complaints or supervisor for non-academic complaints. Written notification of findings will be sent to the complainant within (20) business days. NPC will compile a student complaint log which will include those made formally in writing, signed by the student, and addressed to and submitted to the institutional officer who is responsible for handling the complaint. The student complaint log will be filed in the Dean of Students’ Office.

A log entry on a student complaint will include the following:

  1. The date the complaint was first formally submitted
  2. The nature of the complaint
  3. The steps taken by NPC to resolve the complaint
  4. The final decision regarding the complaint, including referral to outside agencies
  5. Any other external actions initiated by the student to resolve the complaint, if known to NPC (e.g. lawsuit, EEOC investigation, etc.)
  6. The date the complaint was closed

Appeal/Due Process

The student may appeal the decision within five (5) college business days to the Vice President for Academic Affairs or Vice President for Student Affairs. The appeal will be reviewed along with additional documentation and communications. The Vice President may refer the appeal to a hearing committee at their discretion. A decision will be rendered in writing within (10) college business days of receipt of the student’s appeal. The appealed formal complaint decision is final.

Note: NPC provides published appeal procedures for final course grades, academic suspension, and other academic penalties.  These appeals will not normally be considered as complaints and are not to be included in the log of student complaints.