2024-2025 Student Handbook 
    Jul 19, 2024  
2024-2025 Student Handbook

Withdrawal from College

Students who wish to withdraw from all courses in a semester must complete the withdrawal form located in Student Services or use the form on the Registrar’s office webpage. Students should visit with an academic advisor as well as a Financial Aid representative to discuss any available options and/or ramifications of withdrawing from the college. Students should also complete the online exit survey located on the Registrar’s webpage. A nonrefundable administrative fee will be assessed upon withdrawal.

Students who stop attending classes and fail to officially withdraw may receive failing grades in all courses. In most cases, instructors administratively withdraw students who stop attending classes, and the last date of attendance is recorded. However, the responsibility to properly withdraw from courses lies with the student.

Failing to follow proper withdrawal procedures may also result in possible loss of tuition refund. Withdrawal from classes prior to completion of 60 percent of the semester or dropping credit hours below full time (12 credit hours) may result in financial liability to the US Department of Education or NPC for repayment of Title IV funds. In cases where the student drops courses and has already received full payment of Financial Aid awards from Federal sources, the student must repay any cash disbursements which is determined by the school to be an overpayment. Students are strongly encouraged to speak to Financial Aid regarding this information.