2024-2025 Student Handbook 
    Jul 19, 2024  
2024-2025 Student Handbook

Firearms Policy

In accordance with Act 562 of 2017 and Arkansas Code § 5-73-322, the possession, carrying, storage or use of any handgun or firearm of any type is prohibited (a) on the NPC campus, (b) in any building owned or controlled by the College, and (c) at any College event, except as authorized under Act 562 of 2017.

The administration shall develop and publish notices advising all persons of this prohibition. The administration shall also publish such notices on the NPC website and in the Faculty Handbook and Staff Handbook, and shall develop and publish sanctions for violations of this policy consistent with Arkansas law and other College regulations.

These provisions shall not apply to any campus security personnel employed by the College or any other certified law enforcement officer.

This policy will be reviewed annually in compliance with Arkansas Code § 5-73-322.


NPC Board Policy Number: 8.120