2022-2023 College Catalog 
    Dec 10, 2022  
2022-2023 College Catalog
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CHEM 1204 - Chemistry I for Majors*

4 Credits
The first part of a two-semester chemistry sequence for science and engineering majors. This course provides a student with the fundamental laws, theories, and problem-solving skills associated with structure and interactions of matter, properties of matter, stoichiometry, chemical reactions including oxidation/reduction, physical states of matter, changes of state, first law of thermodynamics/heat of reactions, atomic/molecular structure, periodicity, chemical bonding, and nuclear chemistry.

Lab Fee.

Prerequisite: A grade of “C” or better in MATH 1123 - College Algebra* . It is suggested, but not required, that students with no high school chemistry in the last 7 years should complete and pass CHEM 1104 Chemistry For Non-Majors*  with a “C” or better.

Course Level Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

1. Describe the classifications of matter and distinguish between chemical properties and physical properties of matter. (GEO 1, 3)
2. Apply knowledge of stoichiometry to determine quantity of matter in moles and grams. (GEO 2, 3)
3. Identify the gas laws that govern the physical and chemical behavior of gas. (GEO 2, 3)
4. Identify the first law of thermodynamics and calculate the heat absorbed or evolved during chemical change. (GEO 2, 3)
5. Recognize the fundamentals of quantum theory, atomic structures, and nuclear chemistry. (GEO 3)
6. Describe the formation of ionic and covalent bonds and identify the Lewis structures and molecular geometry. (GEO 3)
7. Use laboratory equipment to properly conduct experiments. (GEO 4)

ACTS Equivalent Course Number: CHEM 1414

Latest Update Effective: Spring 2022

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