2022-2023 College Catalog 
    Dec 01, 2023  
2022-2023 College Catalog [Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

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GRD 2043 - Digital Illustration

3 Credits
Introduces students to software applications used in the execution of various types of digital illustration. This course will provide students with advanced conceptual skills in computer illustration and digital imaging. Traditional and digital media will be examined for their unique illustration possibilities.

Lab Fee.

Prerequisite: ART 1513 Digital Skills  

Course Level Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to:

1. Demonstrate ability to use illustration software features and tools to create illustrations (PLO 1, 3, 5, 6)
2. Produce digital illustrations using scanned traditional media created images (PLO 1, 6)
3. Create mock-ups to prepare and plan creative project processes (PLO 1, 3, 5)
4. Understand the creative advantage in scanning hardcopy sketches or images prior to creative manipulation of digital tools (PLO 8)
5. Sketch and discuss concepts/design objectives (PLO 1)
6. Modify your designs based on evaluation and critique (PLO 1)

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