2022-2023 College Catalog 
    Dec 10, 2022  
2022-2023 College Catalog
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SPAN 1113 - Beginning Spanish II*

3 Credits
Beginning Spanish II is a continuation of Beginning Spanish I. This is a course designed to continue the development of the four basic language skills in Spanish: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Emphasis is placed on basic to advanced vocabulary, grammatical structures, and cultural aspects of the language.

Prerequisite: SPAN 1103-Beginning Spanish I or equivalent.

Course Level Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

1. Engage in conversations and written communication in the Spanish language related to a variety of topics. (GEO 1, 2, 3)
2. Greet using Spanish forms of tú and usted. (GEO 3)
3. Use the Spanish language to communicate effectively in a common Spanish-speaking situation. (GEO 1, 3)
4. Use the proper Spanish words for time, quantity, and measurement. (GEO 3)
5. Use the proper Spanish present tense and past tense in conversation. (GEO 3)
6. Discuss important components of the Spanish-speaking cultures in the Americas and Spain. (GEO 3, 4)

ACTS Equivalent Course Number: SPAN 1023

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