2020-2021 College Catalog 
    Jan 25, 2021  
2020-2021 College Catalog

CJI Law Enforcement Administration, CP

The University of Arkansas System’s Criminal Justice Institute (CJI) provides education and advanced training in progressive areas of law enforcement to sworn law enforcement officers and individuals employed full-time by a law enforcement agency in a crime scene capacity. To successfully complete a program, students will be required to complete basic law enforcement training at an ACLEST accredited academy, take special courses through the Criminal Justice Institute, and general education courses through National Park College (NPC). NPC offers tuition waivers for certified law enforcement officers within Garland County.

General Education Core - 3 Credit Hours

CJI Courses - 10 Credit Hours

Law Enforcement Administration and Management
(Number of contact hours noted in parentheses; only 75 total contact hours needed.)
  • Foundations of Supervision and Leadership (24-OL)
  • Principles of Supervision and Leadership (24-OL)
  • Advanced Supervision and Leadership (24)
  • Community Oriented Policing (6)
  • Coping with Law Enforcement Stress (6-OL or 14)
  • Domestic Violence (7-OL or 14)
  • Identity Theft (7)
  • Behavioral Health and Crisis Intervention Response for Law Enforcement or Law Enforcement Resopnse to Persons with Behavioral Health Issues (7 or 9-OL or 14)
  • Crisis Intervention Response for Law Enforcement (2-OL)
  • Use of Force (6-OL)
5 credits

Law Enforcement Communications
(Number of contact hours noted in parentheses; only 30 total contact hours needed.)

  • Basic Spanish for Law Enforcement (21 or 24)
  • Communication Excellence (7)
  • Conflict Resolution for Supervisors (14)
  • Effective Report Writing (6-OL)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders for Law Enforcement (7-OL)
  • Racial Profiling (3-OL)
  • Communications for Law Enforcement (14-OL)
  • Verbal Fitness and De-Escalation (6)
  • Communicating with Difficult People (6)
  • Community, Culture, and Common Spanish (8)
  • Fundamental Principles of De-escalation and Understanding People (8)
2 credits

Law Enforcement Communication Elective (21 maximum)

  • Enhanced Spanish (21)
Law Enforcement Certification
(These hours are earned through completion of the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Acadmeny or its equivalent based upon approval of the Arkansaas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training.)
3 credits


13 Total Credit Hours

See your NPC Academic or Faculty Advisor for degree and graduation information

*Course is part of the Arkansas general education core requirements.