2022-2023 College Catalog 
    Mar 24, 2023  
2022-2023 College Catalog

Elementary Education, AS for Transfer to UCA BSE in Elementary Education K-6

About This Degree

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NPC Faculty Mentor: Lindsey Vondenstein (Lindsey.Vondenstein@np.edu) 501.760.4233

  • This curriculum* is designed for persons who plan to obtain an Associate of Science in Education degree at National Park College (NPC) and transfer to the University of Central Arkansas (UCA) to complete a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Prerequisite courses and/or developmental courses may need to be taken in addition to this suggested plan of study.

UCA Transfer Admission information and policies

Additional information for the UCA Teacher Education program:

  • Students completing the AS in Education degree will have satisfied the UCA Lower-Division Core.
  • Upon successful completion of the admission process students will be eligible for admission to the UCA College of Education.
  • For complete information regarding admission to the UCA Teacher Education program, visit uca.edu/ocs/2plus2-for-teachers.

UCA Transfer Scholarship information and policies

NPUC Transfer Resources:   • Transfer 101  •  Transfer Checklists  •  Transfer FAQ

NPC Honors Program: The NPC Honors Program is accepting applications. Learn more about the NPC Honors Program.

*The curriculum prepares you for licensure/certification in Arkansas.

General Education Core - 35 Credit Hours

60 Credit Hours

See your NPC advisor for degree and graduation information

* Denotes NPC courses included in the Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS)

Remaining Courses to be Completed at UCA - Elementary Education: 63 Credit Hours

Teacher Education Program PRE-ADMISSION Courses (16 Credit Hours)

Prefix Course # Course Name Credit Hours
ELSE 2304 Instructional Strategies for K-6 Social Studies 3
ELSE 3305 Integrated Approaches to Child & Young Adult Literature 3
ELSE 3390 Integrated Curriculum & Assessment Planning 3
MATH 3352 Number Systems: Reals 3
SCI 4410  Concepts of Science 4

Teacher Education Program POST-ADMISSION Courses (47 Credit Hours)

Prefix Course # Course Name Credit Hours
EDUC 4210 Integration of Technology into Teaching & Learning 2
ELSE 4305 Literacy Assessment & Intervention 3
ELSE 4307 Instructional Programming for Diverse Learners (UD UCA Core: D, R) 3
ELSE 4309 Positive Classroom Environment 3
ELSE 4310 Junior Block Practicum 3
ELSE 4311 Foundations of Reading 3
ELSE 4315 Workshop Approach to Teaching Writing in the K-12 Classroom (UD UCA Core: C) 3
ELSE 4316 Instructional Strategies for Math & Science K-6 3
ELSE 4318 K-6 Internship I 3
ELSE 4319 Guidance & Management of Children 3
ELSE 4320 Elementary Reading Methods 3
ELSE 4331 Data-Driven Instructional Planning (UD UCA Core: I) 3
ELSE 4603 Internship I (UD UCA Core: Z) 6
ELSE 4604 Internship II (UD UCA Core: Z) 6
    Total UCA Credit Hours:
Total Hours:

Academic Year: 2022-2023
Revised: October, 2022