2022-2023 College Catalog 
    Jun 22, 2024  
2022-2023 College Catalog [Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Theatre, AS-LAS for Transfer to HU (Harding University) BA in Theatre

About This Degree

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NPC Faculty Mentor: Roger Fox (Roger.Fox@np.edu)  501.760.4270

  • This curriculum* is designed for persons who plan to obtain an Associate of Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences (AS-LAS) degree at National Park College (NPC) and transfer to the Harding University (HU) to complete a bachelor’s degree.
  • Prerequisite courses and/or developmental courses may need to be taken in addition to this suggested plan of study.

HU Transfer Admission information and policies

Additional HU admittance requirements for this program:

  • HU will maintain exclusive responsibility for admission
  • The student must meet all criteria required for undergraduate admission to HU.
  • The student will have earned the Associate of Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences at NPC, with at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average
  • Students must meet all degree-specific criteria to be admitted to a degree program that requires admission.

NPUC Transfer Resources:   • Transfer 101  •  Transfer Checklists  •  Transfer FAQ

NPC Honors Program: The NPC Honors Program is accepting applications. Learn more about the NPC Honors Program.


General Education Core - 35 Credit Hours

60 Credit Hours

Remaining Courses to be Completed at HU - Theatre: 69 Credit Hours

Prefix Course # Course Name Credit Hours
BOLD 3020 Old Testament Story and Vision 3
BNEW 3020 New Testament Story and Vision 3
    Bible Electives (upper-level BNEW or BOLD) 2
BUS 2510 Personal Finance for College Students 1
THEA 1500-1509 Theatre Forum 0
THEA 1610 Technical Theatre 3
THEA 1701 L-PROD Stage Carpentry I 1
THEA 1900 Acting I 3
THEA 2890 Design I 3
THEA 3010 Play Directing I 3
THEA 3060 World Drama 3
THEA 3140 Theatre History I 3
THEA 3180 Theatre History II 3
THEA 3350 The Business of Theatre 3
THEA 3800 Play Directing II 3
THEA 4510 Senior Showcase 1
    Select three courses: 3
THEA 1711 L-PROD Lighting and Electrics
THEA 1721 L-PROD Sewing I
THEA 1731 L-PROD Makeup
THEA 2701 L-PROD Stage Carpentry II
THEA 2711 L-PROD Audio Technology
THEA 2721 L-PROD Sewing II
THEA 2731 L-PROD Lighting Console Programming
THEA 3701 L-PROD Rigging and Welding
THEA 3721 L-PROD Costume Pattern Making
THEA 3741 L-PROD Scenic Artistry
THEA 3751 L-PROD Properties Fabrication
THEA 4701 L-PROD Furniture Construction
Projections and Media in Theatre
4721 L-PROD
THEA Costume Crafting and Millinery
    Select one course: 3
THEA 3250 Makeup Design  
THEA 3260 Scene Design  
THEA 3270 Costume Design  
THEA 3280 Lighting Design  
    Select three courses: 9
THEA 2100 Children’s Theatre  
THEA 2150 Vocal Performance  
THEA 2800 Stage Management  
THEA 3090 Acting II  
THEA 3120 Acting Styles  
THEA 3210 Musical Theatre Performance  
THEA 3240 Drafting/CAD for the Theatre  
THEA 4300 Theatre Pedagogy  
    Select three 3
THEA 1800 Creative Movement (1 hr)  
THEA  1810 Percussive Movement (1 hr)  
THEA 2000 Theatre Movement (2 hr)  
THEA 2020 Stage Combat (2 hr)  
    Select one course: 1
THEA 2040 Production Elements in Performance  
THEA 3300 Study in Theatre Arts  
THEA 3670 Internship in Theatre  
    Minor (Select hours could come from NPC courses. Check with Harding’s Department of Communication or email articulation@harding.edu for course suggestions.) 10
    Remaining Bible 2
    Total HU Credit Hours: 69
    Total Credit Hours: 128

Harding University students are required to graduate with a minimum of 45 upper level hours (courses numbered 3000 to 4999). Remaining Minor/Bible/Electives may need to be completed as upper-level hours.

Academic Year: 2022-2023
Revised: August, 2022