2023-2024 College Catalog 
    Jul 19, 2024  
2023-2024 College Catalog [Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Elementary Education, AS for Transfer to UAM at NPC BA in Elementary Education K-6

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About This Degree

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NPC Faculty MentorLindsey Vondenstein (Lindsey.Vondenstein@np.edu) 501.760.4233
NPC to UAM Transition Coordinator: Jennifer Lyons 501.760.4256

  • This curriculum* is designed for persons who plan to obtain an Associate of Science in Education degree at National Park College (NPC), complete upper-level UAM courses at NPC, and receive a bachelor’s degree from UAM.
  • Prerequisite courses and/or developmental courses may need to be taken in addition to this suggested plan of study.

UAM Transfer Admission information and policies

Additional information for the UAM Teacher Education program:

  • Students completing the AS in Education degree will have satisfied the UAM Lower-Division Core.
  • Upon successful completion of the admission process, students will be eligible for admission to the UAM College of Education.
  • For complete information regarding admission to the UAM Teacher Education program, visit.

UAM Transfer Scholarship information and policies

NPUC Transfer Resources:   • Transfer 101  •  Transfer Checklists  •  Transfer FAQ

NPC Honors Program: The NPC Honors Program is accepting applications. Learn more about the NPC Honors Program.

*The curriculum prepares you for licensure/certification in Arkansas.

General Education Core - 38 Credit Hours

63 Credit Hours

* Denotes NPC courses included in the Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS)

Remaining UAM Courses to be Completed at NPC Elementary Education: 61 Credit Hours

Prefix Course # Course Number Credit Hours
EDUC 2253 Needs of Diverse Learners in Inclusive Settings* 3
EDUC 3013 K-6: Planning, Curriculum, and Programming* 3
EDUC 3023 Scientific Concepts and Methods* 3
EDUC 3203 Educational Psychology: Developing Learners* 3
EDUC 3563 Effective Instructional/Management Strategies* 3
EDUC 3573 Classroom Management* 3
EDUC 3583 Assessment Techniques* 3
EDUC 4013 Teaching Social Studies* 3
EDUC 4023 Teaching Mathematics* 3
EDUC 4123 Advanced Teaching Mathematics* 3
EDUC 4133 Advanced Assessment Techniques* 3
EDUC 460V Clinical Internship I 3
EDUC 463V Clinical Internship II 12
PHYS 1003 Elements of Physics 3
READ 2023 Intro to Teaching Reading 3
READ 4013 Teaching Literacy* 3
READ 4143 Advanced Teaching Literacy* 3
SPED 3413 Teaching and Assessing Students with Exceptional Needs* 3
    Total UAM Credit Hours: 63
    Total Credit Hours: 126

*Course requires B or better (EDUC, MLED, READ, SPED)

Academic Year: 2023-2024
Revised: March, 2023

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