2024-2025 College Catalog 
    Jul 19, 2024  
2024-2025 College Catalog

CJI Law Enforcement Administration, AAS

Purpose of AAS Degree

The Associate of Applied Science Degree is designed for employment purposes, and it should not be assumed that the degree or the courses in the degree can be transferred to another institution. While some institutions do accept some courses in AAS Programs, the general rule is that courses in AAS degrees are not accepted in transfer toward bachelor’s degrees. Students to whom transfer is important should get assurances in writing in advance from the institution to which they wish to transfer.

About This Degree

NPC Faculty Mentor: John Kevin Day (John.Day@np.edu) 501.760.4216

  • The University of Arkansas System’s Criminal Justice Institute (CJI) provides education and advanced training in progressive areas of law enforcement to sworn law enforcement officers and individuals employed full-time by a law enforcement agency in a crime scene capacity. To successfully complete a program, students will be required to complete basic law enforcement training at an Arkansas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training (ACLEST) accredited academy, take special courses through the Criminal Justice Institute, and general education courses through National Park College (NPC). NPC offers tuition waivers for certified law enforcement officers within Garland County.
  • Prerequisite courses and/or developmental courses may need to be taken in addition to this suggested plan of study.

CJI Information and Resources  

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CJI Courses - 30 Credit Hours

Law Enforcement Administration Certificate of Proficiency 10 credits
Law Enforcement Administration Technical Certificate 5 credits
School of Law Enforcement Supervision (140 contact hours) 9 credits
Legal Aspects of Law Enforcement
(Number of contact hours noted in parentheses; only 45 contact hours needed.)
  • Warrantless Search/Seizure (6)
  • Courtroom Testimony (6)
  • Search Warrant Update (6)
  • Legal Update (6)
  • Case File Preparation (6)
  • Managing Informants & Cooperative Witnesses (6)
  • Civil Process (7)
  • Managing Interviews and Interrogations (7 or 14)
  • Drafting Search Warrants and Affidavits (20)
  • Use of Social Media by Law Enforcement (4)
  • Risk Management (8)
  • Eyewitness Identification: Conducting a Photo Lineup (3-OL)
  • Advanced Use of Force (7 or 6-OL)
3 credits
Professional Standards in Law Enforcement 
(Number of contact hours noted in parentheses; A total of 45 contact hours are required.)
  • Police Internal Affairs (12 or 40)
  • Ethics for Law Enforcement (7-OL)
  • Public Integrity Investigations (7)
  • Early Intervention Programs (7)
  • Background Investigations of Police Applicants (12)
  • Conducting Effective Background Investigations (16)
  • Internal Affairs Investigations Done the Right Way (16)
  • Duty to Interview & Post Custody Care (4 or 2-OL)
3 credits

60 Total Credit Hours

See your NPC advisor for degree and graduation information

*Course is part of the Arkansas general education core requirements.