2017-2018 College Catalog 
    Apr 14, 2021  
2017-2018 College Catalog [Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Music, ASLAS for Transfer to HSU Bachelor of Arts in Music

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Updated: 6/12/2017

The curriculum is designed for persons who plan to obtain an Associate of Science in Liberal Arts and Science in Music at National Park College (NPC) and transfer to Henderson State University (HSU) to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Music degree. Students should be aware that prerequisites and/or developmental courses may need to be taken in addition to this suggested plan of study.

See HSU program requirements below.

General Education Core - 36 Transferable Credit Hours

Music Core - 29 Credit Hours

Performance Labs

Performance Lab is taken in coordination with applied vocal or instrumental music study

65 Credit Hours Total

See the NPU Transfer Center Coordinator for degree and graduation information.


Remaining Courses to be Completed at HSU

Music Core (10 Credit Hours) Hours
MUS 1080 Performance Lab 0
MUS 1212 Introduction to Music Literature 2
MUS 2273 Music Theory III 3
MUS 2283 Music Theory IV 3
MUS 2621 Sight Singing/Ear Training III 1
MUS 2631 Sight Singing/Ear Training IV 1
MUS 3080 Performance Lab 0
MUS 3080 Performance Lab 0
BA Music Core (30+ credit hours)           Hours
MUS 3473 Survey of Non-Western Music (LAC) 3
MUS 4501 Capstone Experience 1
    Minor Field 15+
Foreign Language    
FRE 2033/2043 French III and IV or 6
GRE 2033/2043 German III and IV or  
SPA 2033/2043 Spanish III and IV or higher level 3-credit language study  
Large Ensemble    
MUS 3011 Band or  
MUS 3011 Concert Band or 1
MUS 3071 Concert Choir or  
MUS 3221 String Orchestra or  
MUS 3531 Symphony Band or  
MUS 3951 Wind Ensemble  
Small Ensemble    
MUS 3021 Chamber Chorale or  
MUS 3171 Opera Workshop or 1
MUS 3321 String Ensemble or  
MUS 3641 Woodwind Ensemble or  
MUS 3671 Percussion Ensemble or  
MUS 3771 Jazz Ensemble or  
MUS 3851 Brass Ensemble or  
MUS 3941 Reddie Pep Band  
Major Instrument (Upper Level)  
APM 3011-3 Piano or 3
APM 3101-3 Organ or  
APM 3401-3 Violin or  
APM 3411-3 Viola or  
APM 3421-3 Cello or  
APM 3431-3 String Bass or  
APM 3501-3 Euphonium or  
APM 3521-3 Horn or  
APM 3541-3 Trombone or  
APM 3561-3 Trumpet or  
APM 3581-3 Tuba or  
APM 3701-3 Bassoon or  
APM 3721-3 Clarinet or  
APM 3731-3 Flute or  
APM 3761-3 Oboe or  
APM 3781-3 Saxophone or  
APM 3901-3 Percussion  
BA Music Electives (12 Credit Hours)  
Applied Ensemble (4 credit hours) Hours
APM 3XX1 Applied Major (Upper) 1
APM 3XX1 Applied Major (Upper) 1
APM 3XX1 Applied Major (Upper) 1
APM 3XX1 Applied Major (Upper) 1
Academic Courses (8 credit hours) Hours
MUS 4363 Music History I (LAC; Writing Intensive) or 2-3
MUS 4373 Music History II (Writing Intensive) or  
MUS 4382 Twentieth Century Music (Writing Intensive)  
MUS 1191 Language and Diction I or 5-6
MUS 1201 Language and Diction II or  
MUS 3293 Counterpoint or  
MUS 3333 Form & Analysis or  
MUS 3392 Vocal Pedagogy or  
MUS 3592 Piano Pedagogy or  
MUS 4313 Conducting or  
MUS 4413 Advanced Choral Conducting or  
MUS 4432 Orchestration or  
MUS 4903 Piano Literature I or  
MUS 3000/4000 Other MUS course with approval of Department Chair  
Liberal Arts Core (3 Credit Hours)  
 Writing Across the Curriculum (LAC) (3 credit hours) Hours
ENG 3313 University Writing or 3
ENG 3613 Technical Writing or  
ENG 4453 Advanced Composition or  
HIS 3383 Writing History or  
MMC 4223 Magazine & Feature Writing or  
MMC 4293 Creative Nonfiction  
   Total HSU Credit Hours: 55+      
   Total Credit Hours: 120+  

Admission Requirements - NPC Music to HSU Music

  • The student must complete the requirements necessary for general admission to HSU.
  • The student will have earned the Associate of Science in Liberal Arts and Science at NPC, with at least a 2.75 cumulative grade point average.
  • Degree program admission requirements for students who transfer pursuant to this Agreement will be determined in the same manner as if their initial enrollment had been at HSU.

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