2018-2019 College Catalog 
    Dec 04, 2022  
2018-2019 College Catalog [Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

2018-2019 College Catalog

Official Catalog Publication Date:  July 1, 2018

Our course catalog is online to give you easy access from any computer or mobile device. 

The catalog applies to students entering or returning to National Park College in the 2018-2019 academic year and students whose catalog year is 2018-2019.


NPC Degree Pathways

Arts, Humanities, & Design   



Health Professions  

Industrial Manufacturing & Engineering  

Social Behavioral Sciences  


Catalog Contents:

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Programs and Areas of Study  
Provides a complete list of courses required to complete a degree at NPC and, if transferring, at the partner university.

Graduation Maps (Semester Plans)  
Graduation Maps let you know what courses to take each semester to reach your degree goal.

Degree Pathways
Degree pathways are collections of academic majors that have related courses. The intent is to help you choose a major based on your interest, knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Academic Calendar  
Provides important dates such as first and last day of classes, the last day to drop courses, holidays, registration dates for the next semester, etc.

Final Exam Schedule  
Includes information about exam dates and times.

Course Descriptions  
Provides a description of each course, including prerequisite and corequisite requirements.

Transfer Courses  
These are NPC courses that have been approved by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education for inclusion in the Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS). Comparable courses within ACTS are guaranteed to transfer for full credit to any Arkansas public institution.

Previous Catalogs
Previous catalogs and degree plans may be found in the dropdown list at the top of this page. The 2018-2019 NPC Catalog is effective for all students who take their first classes at National Park College in the Fall, Spring, or Summer Semesters of 2018-2019. Students who first started classes during the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 academic years may also use degree requirements in the current catalog. 

2018-2019 Catalog  [pdf]


If you have further questions, please email catalog-support@np.edu

Disclaimer: This catalog applies to new students entering National Park College in the 2018-2019 academic year and returning NPC students whose governing catalog has expired. Students with specific questions about this policy should see the Registrar or other appropriate academic administrator.

Every effort has been made to assure the accuracy of the information in this publication. Students are advised, however, any requirement or provision of this catalog may change without notice at any time. Therefore, current or prospective students should verify the accuracy of information in this catalog with a College official.

The contents of National Park College catalogs do not constitute an irrevocable contract between any current or prospective student and the College. Further, the College is not responsible for any misrepresentation of its requirements or provisions that might result from errors in the preparation of its catalogs. The College reserves the right to add, amend, or repeal any rules, regulations, policies, and procedures as provided by law. Finally, the College catalog shall not be considered as an abridgment or limitation of any rights, powers, or privileges of the Board of Trustees.



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