2019-2020 College Catalog 
    Oct 02, 2023  
2019-2020 College Catalog [Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

CJI Crime Scene Investigation, TC

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Updated 6/7/2017

The University of Arkansas System’s Criminal Justice Institute (CJI) provides education and advanced training in progressive areas of law enforcement to sworn law enforcement officers and individuals employed full-time by a law enforcement agency in a crime scene capacity. To successfully complete a program, students will be required to complete basic law enforcement training at an ACLEST accredited academy, take special courses through the Criminal Justice Institute, and general education courses through National Park College (NPC). NPC offers tuition waivers for certified law enforcement officers within Garland County.

NPC - 6-9 Credit Hours

CJI Courses - 27-30 Credit Hours

Crime Scene Investigation Certificate of Proficiency 15 credits
Crime Scene Special Topics  (All courses are required)
(Number of contact hours noted in parentheses)
Recovery of Human Remains (35-40)***
   Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (40)
   Management of Evidence and Recovered Property (14)
   Computer Crime (21) or Cyber Crimes (24 or 28)
   Crime Scene Digital Photography and Imaging (28)
   Fingerprint Classification, Comparison and Identification
   Using Forensic Light Sources (21)***
   Crime Scene Courtroom Testimony (14)***
12 credits

Computer Applications  (45 contact hours required)
Computer Applications can also be completed at NPC
(Number of contact hours noted in parentheses.)
Computer Applications (25 maximum)
      Microsoft Word (7 or 14)
      Microsoft Excel (14)
      Microsoft PowerPoint (7 or 14)
   Advanced Computer Electives** (20 maximum)
      Advanced Microsoft Word (7)
      Advanced Microsoft Excel (7 or 14)
      Microsoft Access (14)

0-3 credits

**Courses to be approved by CJI’s Degree Program Committee (Director, Assistant Directors, Program Administrators). Degree Program will also be reviewed by the CJI Advisory Board annually.
***Offered every other fiscal year

36 Minimum Credit Hours Total

See your NPC advisor for degree and graduation information

*Course is part of the Arkansas general education core requirements.

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